Supplying quality music podcasts for the discerning listener.

FreqStream is a portal presenting podcasts procured by Mr.C, including upfront house, techno, acid, and retro Mr.C DJ mixes, special guest podcasts, Superfreq artist mixes, and record reviews.

The show will comprise many segments including:

Techno Tuesday

Live stream and podcast of Mr.C's most upfront and unreleased house, techno, and acid music. Streaming live every Tuesday at 1PM Los Angeles time.

Mr.C Loves

The Mr.C Loves podcast will be a weekly podcast of guest DJs who Mr.C loves. From huge names like Carl Cox and Art Department, to mid size names or DJs you have never heard of. All will be DJs for whom we have love for both their music & their being.

Mr.C's Magnificent 7

Mr.C’s Magnificent 7 will be a review podcast in which Mr.C presents his favorite 7 tracks of the previous month, explaining why he loves these tracks so much. This podcast will be at the beginning of each month.

Class of 88

Class of 88 podcast will be a monthly DJ mix containing music from 1986-1992 that became the backbone of the Acid House revolution & birth of Rave Culture itself.

Superfreq Spotlight

DJ Mixes and live sets from Superfreq artists.

FreqStream is a collaboration between Mr.C, Superfreq, and Future Magic.


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